Powerful SEO Tips By Top Bloggers 2019

Powerful SEO Tips By Top Bloggers for 2019 

Interested in learning more about SEO in 2019? Here are important trends to improve your search optimization skills.

Powerful SEO Tips By Top Bloggers 2019

When you start with just SEO, it is easy to get confused with information overload. Too many strategies can discourage you from practicing your skills. However, it should not be scary to learn more about search engine optimization.

This is why we have analyzed the major SEO trends for 2019 and they mean someone who is just getting started with search engine optimization.

1. Start with optimizing your site for mobile devices

Mobile optimization is important when you are getting started with SEO. Start by testing your site's performance and load speed on all devices.
Every delay in browsing can be the wrong opportunity to engage a new visitor.

People spend most of their time on their phones every year, which means that a new SEO strategy cannot ignore mobile optimization. Furthermore, it goes beyond improving EG. Site speed on your site. SEO in 2019 is about understanding 'mobile users' and how their search habits differ when they move compared to desktop users.

When you are in a hurry and you are looking for a fast answer, think about your own search habits. Or think of a search result that catches your attention. Chances are, it is mobile-optimized and keeps in mind that you are looking for a clear and quick answer without further delays.

2. Understand how users search

We assume which keywords will outperform others. Keyword testing is always a good idea but nowadays SEO is more focused in understanding search intent. This is not enough to find an effective keyword that brings traffic to your site.

A long-term SEO strategy depends on search intent and the reasoning behind every search. Once you begin to understand how your target audience is using search engines, you can optimize your site more successfully.

Searches are becoming more dynamic and it is not enough to rely on assumptions. Start testing how your optimization can affect your search traffic and start implementing more interactive queries in your keyword mix.

3. Tap on the video's potential

Shilpa Shah, the co-founder of Hummingbird Web Solutions, says video marketing can be a big traffic source, but some marketers are still ignoring its potential.

Shilpa stressed that one of the best SEO tips is quality over quantity: Just because you have a large number of indexed pages, it does not mean that your site attracts a large proportion of organic traffic.

That site encourages owners to get rid of shallow posts on blogs that have a low word count or superficial content (aka "no fluff") and "instead of focusing on meaningful content that is actually engaging" And each visitor wants to read through the entire article. . "

Also, video content has a lot of untapped potential that is great for SEO and makes for good user engagement. Chances are, your user can quickly walk through a 1-minute video, but may not have the patience to read your 100-word article.

Online video is huge and is only going to get bigger. Cisco is predicting that online video will make up 80% of all online traffic by 2021. And even with all of that video, 43% of people say they want more video content!

Here's how you keep your video content optimized:

Update titles and descriptions on older videos to keep them searchable and relevant.
Optimize the audio and video quality of the video as well as the graphics and images.
Integrate video into the rest of your site content.

4. Analyze Your Existing Search Traffic

If you're not sure how to get started and what to test, take a closer look at your current search traffic.

What are the best performing pages? What keywords are your viewers using to access your content?

Analyze your top 10 positions and what's in all of them. Is this the quality of your content? Length of each term? Have you followed the site-optimization best practices?

Find posts that work well as evergreen content and think of new ways to update them. Keeping a close eye on your search traffic and current SEO performance can help you update your content calendar with topics your audience will appreciate.

5. Go beyond Google Search

Can Amazon and Apple Cut Google's Search Dominance? Eli Schwartz, director of SEO and development of SurveyMonkey, believes so.

"I think 2019 will be the year that, once again, SEO will not only be about optimizing for Google, but we have to keep these other 'engines in mind as well."

As MobileMoxie CEO Cindy Krum said, SEO is visible wherever and though people are searching - just not getting the first blue link. So you have to learn how to drive traffic and engagement for things other than just the website.

“If potential customers are searching for apps, then you need to rank in the App Store. If they are looking for podcasts or videos, then you need to rank where people search for those things, ”said Krum. “Strong brands are becoming multi-faceted, ranking higher than just websites. Strong SEO needs to do the same thing. "

Ringier AG's international digital director Jess Scholz said he also sees the expansion of SEO to increase visibility on other platforms.

"Think that ranking users number 1 in SERPs is beyond driving users to your website", Scholz said. "How you can gain visibility for your content in featured snippets and with articles hosted this way, with content aggregators and other such opportunities for your brand to reach your target audience Can be given?"

In 2019, you should at least consider optimizing for the tools, Christine Schchinger, digital strategist and SEO consultant.

"For products that can be sold or brands that can benefit from exposure, they can be optimized for home assistant or audio-only devices," Schinger said.

Ultimately, the best content is needed on the fastest platforms designed to meet users wherever they are coming, according to KB Goed, IBM's senior SEO strategist, Security Intelligence.

"The entire search experience is our area of ​​expertise and control, and our goal is not just to drive traffic," Goode said. "This is to ensure that we've optimized that search experience, whether it's web-based or app-based or [insert the next big technology] -based, making it the most efficient and attractive for user needs and site offerings. To be made an intersection. "

6. Create exceptional content

A Google algorithmic update in 2018 revealed that Google is focusing its attention on evaluating the quality of content and the depth and breadth of a website's content, said Eric Enge, general manager of Perfect Digital.

"We tracked the SEO performance of many different sites," Enge said. “Sites that provide exceptional depth in quality content coverage have actually risen throughout the year in rankings. Sites that were weak in the depth of their content suffered in comparison. "

Enge said that he hopes to see a trend of Google rewarding sites consistently providing better experiences in 2019.

This means that if you're still creating content only to keep your blog alive, it won't be good in any way anymore, said Alexandra Tchalova, digital marketing consultant.

7. Find the link between social media and SEO

Social signals may not be among the ranking factors, but it is still useful to understand how your social presence can affect your search results.

As social media becomes a large part of our lives, it can define a large part of our online presence and authority. The same goes for all brands with an existing social presence.

Google has started integrating social results to search results in an effort to present more holistic views of online presence. By indexing more content in search results, users are able to find the right answer to their queries as quickly as possible. Thus, it is good to note that your online presence and authority are not limited to your search results.

Similarly, social networks are turning to their own search engines where users are still looking for answers to their questions. YouTube and Pinterest have become very popular visual search engines, while Twitter or Facebook can be helpful for getting more information about a person or news program.

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